Watts Powerseat® - Delivering safe underfloor heating in a grand retail environment

UK, London
November 2020
Watts Powerseat® - Delivering safe underfloor heating in a grand retail environment
In a large department store, there are many factors to ensuring staff and customer safety and safe gas supply is an important one. We were recently contacted by the in-house maintenance team of a large London department store who currently use Black Teknigas products across the majority of their estate.
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The maintenance team were upgrading a Powerseat® Eco which is feeding an area of underfloor heating within the building being used to heat a key retail area of the building. The Powerseat® Eco electro-hydraulic gas shut-off valve allows the control and safety shut-off of low-pressure combustible gases in pipes from 40mm to 250mm, whilst focusing on being energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The Powerseat® Eco shut-off valve is kept open by a hydraulic pump where hydraulic fluid is forced into a cylinder driving the valve open. Rob Hill, Regional Sales Manager for Watts explains: “Large department stores are complex environments especially when they are located within older buildings. For this important project, Powerseat® Eco is working quietly in the background delivering energy efficient gas safety and keeping the heating system running to provide a comfortable customer environment. The maintenance team of this store are familiar with Black Teknigas and knew that upgrading the Powerseat® Eco valve would deliver everything they needed for their system. I was happy to provide them with additional support to ensure that the installation was optimised to deliver the best results for their needs.”