Heat Interface Unit HIU 1 HTW 12

Watts Industries Heat Interface Unit HIU 1 HTW 12 for transferring heat from local or district heating networks to heating and domestic hot water systems in single-family homes, apartment buildings or terrace housing. Indirect, hygienic domestic hot water generation with plate heat exchanger. Direct connection to heating circuit, priority circuit for domestic hot water generation.

Compact, ready-to-fit design with sturdy wall bracket and EPP insulation shell as per energy saving regulations. Outflow temperature freely adjustable between 20 and 70 °C.

For operation in closed local or district heating networks with non-aggressive media, such as water or water-glycol mixes as per VDI (Association of German Engineers) 2035/ÖNORM (Austrian standard) 5195. Certified to in-house standard WI10077140N. All connections ¾" male thread, flat sealing.

  • Outflow temperature (domestic water): 45 °C

  • Tap flow rate (domestic water): 12 l/min.

  • DHW heating: 10 to 45 °C

  • Primary flow temp.: 65°C

  • Primary return temp.: 13°C

  • Primary flow rate: 8 l/min.

  • Domestic water temp. (cold): 9 °C

  • Max. operating pressure: 10 bar (PN 10)

  • Max. ambient temperature: 60 °C

  • Max. operating temperature: 90 °C

  • Differential pressure: 200 mbar

 Type Part no. WIDE

10077140 Hot water generation and heat distribution
HIU 1 HTWZ 10079232 Hot water generation and heat distribution, heat meter fitting pieces
HIU 1 TWZ 10079233 Hot water generation, heat meter fitting pieces